About Us

About Garrett Jay's Imagery

Garrett Jay loves sharing his creative passion especially with images that leave certain elements and perspectives up for interpretation. Although his visual radar is always on, he usually doesn’t go looking for specific subjects or landscapes to capture. His heightened awareness and spontaneous visions create unique opportunities. Basically, he loves capturing whatever grabs his attention. Some of his creations are abstractions that exist in everyday life yet tend to be overlooked. He also doesn't limit himself to one particular style which provides unlimited creative freedom.

When he's not traveling, Garrett Jay splits his time between Palm Beach County, Florida and Greenwich Village, NYC.

Garrett Jay Shares Some of His Approaches and Processes

A Peak Behind the Lenses

Typically I take hundreds or sometimes more than 1,000 shots to capture something potentially very special. There are so many variables in play along the way. Here’s just a few:

Perspective: I thrive on seeing, positioning and capturing things that others may not. Additionally, using the more traditional definition of perspectives, I test and evaluate the use of different angles vertical heights.

Timing: Being ready with the right lens, the best camera settings, and potentially lots of patience waiting for the right moment all may lead to the birth of a masterpiece.

Lighting: Literally ideal lighting sometimes only lasts a few moments, however sometimes waiting for time to pass can achieve even better results.

Behind the Oversized 4K Calibrated Color Accurate Monitor

After several rounds of reviewing raw images, I’m usually able to narrow the field considerably and choose those that may have potential for excellence. I then spend countless hours fine-tuning different characteristics of each image. I believe the best approach is to make a round of adjustments and then let them simmer for a few hours or days before viewing them again and continuing to work on them. For a select few of my images, I experiment by using my established or new creative techniques to push the boundaries using digital artistry. Color EyesTM is one of my styles where I play around with the colors, contrast, and saturation levels with the intention of creating unexpected and forward artwork.